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HYBRID: Most Technologically Advanced/Economic(Life Safety) EXIT SIGNS

                                         Unique Break Through "Game Changing" Innovation

Architectural Design Colors and Cover Options... Greatest Number of Choices in the Industry

New Product Development

Current Products Attributes

UL, (Underwriter's Laboratories), the world's most trusted testing organization had to create a different testing regimen: Model 911 and the newest Lexan Model (HES120)


THE First Exit Sign Ever Designated: Emergency Lighting & Power Equipment (FTBR) by UL.

Provides More of What You are Responsible For!

Green In Six Ways
  • Compare By:
  1. Purchase Price and Total Costs
  2. Architectural Design, Color and Cover Options - Greatest Number of Choices in the Industry.
  3. ROI (Return On Investment)
  4. Critical 'Fail Safe' Advantages for Auxiliary Generators

 Model 911
 Lexan Model  HES120 
 Fire Safety
Eliminates Battery Backup
  • No Battery No Disposal
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Operating Expenses (Pays For Itself)
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Manufactured Using Recycled Aluminum
  • Passed UL924 Standard 100 Foot Viewing Distance at 90 Minutes
  • Colors: Red, Green & Black
  • Impact Resistant
  • L.E.D. Backlit Lighting
  • Photo luminescent During Power Failure Mode
  • Less Than 3 Watts For Operation
  • 5 Year L.E.D. Bulb Life - 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ceiling and Right Angle Mounting
  • Greatest Choice of Background, Covers & Colors
  • Custom Covers: 
    • Dark Bronze, Copper, Gun Metal Gray, Brushed Steel, Chrome, Gold, and many creative others
  • Colors: 
    • Standard Gloss Black, Red & Green, Specialty colors in the hundreds 

(Electronic Systems Consultants)

  • Edwards
  • Honeywell Notifier
  • Honeywell Fire-Lite
  • Honeywell Silent Knight
  • Monaco

Fire/Security Design consulting
Preventative Maintenance and mandatory Inspections

Owned by Glow Light Emergency Exit Products, LLC and Hybrid Exit Signs,LLC..Cincinnati, Ohio

Manufactured at:

Model 911: Fabmasters - Marcellus, Michigan

Lexan Model HES120: Command Electronics - School Craft, Michigan

U.S. Patent Pending 


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